Socrates Whitepaper


"Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?"


To explore the power of technology to reshape the world and contribute to the exploration of a new human civilisation.


Let the world see different options.


First principles, critical thinking, self-driven, inclusivity, equality, openness, freedom.
Socrates is a web3 application that combines Social-Fi and Game-Fi. It's named "Socrates" since it's based on the core concept of "multiple-choice questions without standard answers" and embodies the spirit of thinking and discussion.
The function of the Socrates product lies in inspiring individuals to engage in critical thinking on a range of issues. The product aims to counteract the biased and extreme viewpoints common in mainstream social media's approach to societal problems, and seeks to propel human society towards a more rational, inclusive, equal, and open direction. Furthermore, it harnesses collective wisdom to expand the boundaries of human thinking.
We aspire to showcase individuals' diverse perspectives, choices, and debates on different issues to the world. In doing so, we aim to promote mutual understanding and inclusivity amongst individuals, nationalities, and countries. We believe this will foster healthy competition and lasting peace in human society, thereby contributing to the exploration of new forms of civilisation for humanity.